January 29, 2018

Beth CV Info

Beth Luckhurst


I have finished a three year, full time Sound Design BA (Hons) course at Ravensbourne University, as of September 2016

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, London

BA Hons Sound Design 2:1

Canterbury College, Kent

BTEC ​Diploma in Creative Media (Film and Television) Double Distinction

Swadelands Secondary School, Kent

11 GCSE’s A ​-C Work

October 2011 – March 2018
McDonald’s – Working as part of a big team in a fast paced environment.

2013-​2016 2011-​ 2013 2006 ​-2011

January 31st – July 16th 2017
Arena Outside Broadcasting – Working on three shows The Voice Kids, The Voice and Tonight At The London Palladium as an assistant sound engineer. I assisted setup and de-rig of Riedel communication panels throughout the studio on The Voice Kids/The Voice and at the London Palladium. I was also accountable for 130 motorola radios on The Voice Kids/The Voice and 95 radios at the Palladium show and made sure every radio came back at the end.

August 2016, October 201, December 2016
GAFI Pictures – I worked as the sound supervisor as well as sound assistant on various programmes for GAFI pictures. Many include music acts and guests with a presenter.

April 2015 -​ May 2015
BBC Elstree Studios -​ Working as a technical runner with the communications team, setting up the gallery and the whole studio to enable all involved in the General Election results programme to talk to one another. Also dealing with de​rigging the studio and gallery at the end of the election.

Work Experience

Maidstone Television Studios ​ Runner – Work involved shadowing two sound recordists on two different television shows.

Spark and Rumble – A sound design company. I sat in on some promotional film work and recorded voice over for FOX and National Geographic channel.

Resonance 104.4 FM – Recorded two, one hour length radio shows in the Ravensbourne recording studio.
The Degree Show 2014 -​ Live broadcasting from Ravensbourne onto freeview. Live mixing, equipment rigging and setting up the stage for live musical performances.

The Degree Show 2015 -​ Three Day live broadcasts from Ravensbourne University. Mic’d up presenters and guests, mixed a live broadcast, set up equipment for a live awards show which featured musical and comedic acts. Also shared responsibility for the smooth running of each day.


David Humphries, sound designer, dubbing mixer ​- ​daveghumphries@gmail.com Mark Durham, sound designer -​ ​mark.durham@rave.ac.uk

Matt Ward, managing director, senior sound designer and dubbing mixer at Spark and Rumble – ​matt.ward@sparkandrumble.com

George Ingram, Director of GAFI pictures a television network – g.ingram555@gmail.com


Communication, Working as part of a team, I.T, Wwise.

Pro​-Tools -​ I have experience in recording sounds, editing dialogue and sound effects as well as recording, performing and editing foley. I also have designed sound for the traditional aspect of media such as animation and short films as well as for live broadcasts. I have also created sound effects to be added into a game engine so that they can be triggered within a game. I have created effects in Pro-​Tools using a range of plugins and effects.

Sound Equipment ​- I can handle the rigging of sound devices such as a boom and a shotgun mic and I can also place lapel mics appropriately and accordingly to a person’s clothing. I also have experience with mixing desks such as Avids S6 and as well as Solid State Logics C10 HD.

Wwise -​ I can implement audio into the game with the use of the actor mixer hierarchy with random containers, sequence containers and switch containers. I can also add in game reverb and create RTPC states for specific sounds.


Films, Television, Gaming, Technology, Live Music, Traveling, Sport.