January 25, 2018

Whats Happening Now


Wonderful news that Kev has received no less than 3 BAFTA Nominations at this years awards ceremony and Andy joins him for 1 of his own too!


Entertainment  Craft Team  Kev Nominated for both The Voice (ITV Studios) and also World War One Remembered -Passchedale (BBC Studios)

Sound Factual  both Kev and Andy nominated for World War One Remembered -Passchedale.





We have sent Chris to Coventry many times,  but alas he keeps finding his way back,  so we decided to send him to Plymouth to record the wonderful Royal Marines Band instead ! no sign of him since … more to come on this story I’m sure.








We are please to welcome the formidable Sound Supervisor Howard Nock onboard to mix the Voice Kids 18



Howard is one of the countries leading broadcast engineers with an extensive back catalogue to his name. It’s his current work with Marc Riley and Rob Hughes on their Podcast series that is generating real interest – Join the team as they rifle through the fascinating world of one of the greatest rock stars the world has ever known. There’s laughter, tears, all brought on by stories of escapades with David Bowie and friends..  Check it out at:




The Kids Voice 2018

Jan 18- Busy kick off  to the year with Voice Kids starting to record for the new series. Studio rig days underway with our Zen Mobile parked on site.

Aviom band foldback and mics being rigged today and splits patched …


Mean while back at studio base it’s a busy day of editing for Kev on the next transmission of this year’s brilliant Adult series which is airing now !!

                                                                Protool’s steaming as usual