Zen Mobile

At Zen Broadcast we offer true flexibility. Whether it’s a small scale carry in project or a full scale hire of our ‘state of the art’ music recording mobile, the attention to detail is second to none.

After extensive investment, Zen Broadcast’s mobile unit has recently undergone a full refit. Having worked for so many years, across so many genres, in a variety of facilities, we have been able to draw on our experience and fine tune this mobile studio to be exactly what is required in today’s ever expanding and demanding market.

The Zen Broadcast mobile has been re-engineered into three separate, sound isolated, areas.

The Main Mix room– (featuring 192 channel SSL System T console) is a wonderful space to mix with de-rigable grams area allowing either sofa for clients, room for gram-op or just good dancing space!

KIT: SSL Console,Barefoot Monitoring, Outboard includes Bricasti, UAD, Neve, as well as the amazing SSL on board desk reverbs and delays.

GRAMS: as required spot-on rig , protools (many configurations), cue-base rig

Video: Kipro hard disk recorder with locked remix so we can quickly be into remix to picture if required.

Interconnect: every flavour of MADI fibre to send to OB hookup and also analogue and AES if needed ….all the 3 rooms in the Zen truck have the same interconnect capability of MADI/AES or analogue so extra kit is always easy to plug in.

The Record Lobby: a bespoke recording area with 2 protools HDX systems for double headed record.  This space allows PT recording operators to be isolated from mix room and have proper space to work in.

The Edit Room: with identical audio characteristics as the main room this space can either be used for post production or a second mix room.  Indeed on last years UK Voice we used this area to mix the spin off Voice show while Kev was mixing the music output in the main room! Also on shows like Festival Of Remembrance we utilise one end for orchestra and the main room for final mix adding pres and choirs and guest music artists.  This room has space for any desk required and regularly use DIGICO and STUDER in this room.

The Patch Room: asscesable by steps or tail lift (for heavy equipment or very heavy engineers!) the patch area gives full access to every in and out on the truck plus mains and ups.  With all patching done here the mix engineers do not get disturbed and the extra space this free’s up has allowed for the record lobby in the main truck.


All three areas of the truck have independent air-con and all duel mains distro providing hard and UPS mains.  The truck will run for around 20 mins on UPS mains should a total power failure occur.

We have our own truck wifi when hooked up so again receiving last minute track changes or sending mixes out is no problem.

The Zen Broadcast Mobile  is capable of handling 300-400 channels of audio (across both rooms) in pleasant and professionally tuned mixing environment.

Zen Takeaway  -can’t fit the truck in? no problem, we have derig solutions.

De-rigable studios is where we started so it’s not unusual for us to be building bespoke rig’s for recording in odd places, whether it’s a dressing room at the Albert Hall, in a tent or on a boat ! Not much will phase us so please don’t be afraid to suggest anything odd.


MAINS: 125 AMP SINGLE PHASE 100 milliamp trip

DIMENSIONS: 12 m long by 3.5m wide (including steps)